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Connecting Your Impact Reporting to Your Community Through Storytelling

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

Clear and transparent storytelling brings impact to the forefront for the City of Muskogee Foundation. Not only do they share their yearly economic impact via a visual report on their website, but they also craft stories of grantees, community outreach, education initiatives, and more. The intentional pairing of data with storytelling paints a vivid picture of their impact and helps their board understand what their approvals mean.

Listen as Laura Wickizer, grants manager for the City of Muskogee Foundation, and her fellow panelists share:

  • How they tackle this yearly project
  • The nuts and bolts of data visualization on their website
  • How they gather the data and images to tell meaningful stories about their grantees and projects
  • What this format has meant for their board communications
  • How this keeps them connected to the community they serve


Laura Wickizer | Grants Manager, City of Muskogee Foundation

Wren Stratton | Board Chair, City of Muskogee Foundation

Jenny Jamison | Board Member + Executive Director, Lake Area United WayCity of Muskogee Foundation

James Gulley | Board Chair + CEO of Love Bottling, City of Muskogee Foundation

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