Education Webinars for Community Foundations

  • Resilient Philanthropy Through Disaster Preparedness Collaboration1:02:23

    Resilient Philanthropy Through Disaster Preparedness Collaboration

    Hear from four participants of the PPREP Cohort on what they have accomplished, how the past year has impacted their direction and focus, and what they see for the future of disaster preparedness.

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  • Agile Philanthropy: An Organizational Mindset1:09:50

    Agile Philanthropy: An Organizational Mindset

    This webinar presentation features Chris Staib, Founder of Agile Slopes and our Agile Trainer, who shares how philanthropic organizations can use the agile methodology.

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  • Using Social Change to Further Your Mission1:04:53

    Using Social Change to Further Your Mission

    As a community foundation, it’s important to understand how to best utilize social change forces to further your mission. Learn the difference between old power and new power - and when to use each.

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  • Entry Points to Philanthropy59:29

    Entry Points to Philanthropy

    Engagement in philanthropy contributes to 22-40 developmental assets®. How are you engaging the next generations? Learn about these benefits and different entry points and models for engagement.

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  • Engage Your Community Foundation in Youth Philanthropy1:00:59

    Engage Your Community Foundation in Youth Philanthropy

    Is your foundation actively involved in youth philanthropy? If not, you're missing out on an important aspect of donor stewardship and community development.

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  • The Lifecycle of Disaster Philanthropy1:18:33

    The Lifecycle of Disaster Philanthropy

    Community foundations are often looked to in times of crisis. Before you’re faced with the unknown, it’s important to consider the role you wish to play, and understand your actions will be long term.

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