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Coffee Talk: Donor Engagement in the Year 2020

Listen as your peers discuss donor engagement and fundraising in 2020. They identify strategies that are working well in our current climate, and ways in which people are learning and improving.

Some questions we cover:

  • Are you anticipating any long-term effects of the current climate on your organization? How are you addressing them?
  • Have you held your major annual event this year? What did you do? How was it different? Was it successful? What did you learn?
  • How is your organization responding to the current conversation around equity/diversity/inclusion?

To continue the conversation from the session, check out this discussion on Compass - A Foundant Community.

About the Author

Jess is a Foundant Client Success Manager specializing in donor engagement and fundraising. Prior to joining Foundant, she spent seven years in higher education advancement where she served as the Director of Prospect Management and Research for the Montana State University Alumni Foundation. In that role, Jess and her team worked hand-in-hand with the fundraising staff to support the Foundation’s goals through overseeing the strategic development of alumni prospect portfolios. Jess is a Montana native who received her undergraduate degree in Design/Technology and Stage Management from the University of Montana. Jess spends her free time enjoying the Montana outdoors with her husband, daughter, and boxer/lab mix.

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