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Coffee Talk: Scholarship Outreach

Watch this discussion as your peers learn, exchange ideas, and build relationships across the sector and share their experiences, tips, and lessons learned related to the topics.

During this session, we discussed the following questions and more:

  • How do you communicate during applications season vs post award?
  • How do you notify of award?
  • How do you take advantage of summer down time to make adjustments to your communication?

About the Author

Born, raised, and educated in Montana, Mikayla Vale is passionate about helping people succeed and is motivated by the work of the philanthropic sector. During her four years with Foundant, she has worked in front-line support, provided new administrator training, and onboarded nearly 100 grant and scholarship-making organizations. In her personal life, Mikayla volunteers to support women in crisis through one-on-one mentoring and companionship. Her attention to the individual objectives of those she works with, both personally and professionally, makes her an amazing partner in moving your goals forward. Areas of expertise: process communication, crafting instruction language, private foundation scholarships, and workflow transition analysis.

Profile Photo of Mikayla Vale