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Coffee Talk: Fall Scholarship Communication

Listen to this Scholarship Coffee Talk where we will discussed how you are getting the word out about your scholarships. 

  • Do you need the general community to better understand how you serve the community? 
  • Do you need applicants, evaluation committee members or new donors?
  • How do students learn about your scholarship offerings?
  • Do you solicit your community for new evaluators to participate? How do you find new evaluation committee members?
  • What information is important to communicate to your donors at the start of your scholarship season?

We encourage you to continue the conversation from this session on Compass - A Foundant Community. 

About the Author

Alyse has been working in the field of college access and scholarships for over 10 years with a focus on students residing in California’s Central Valley. She believes in the power of scholarships to uplift students, families, and communities. Born and raised in Bakersfield, California, she has deep roots and strong connections to the nonprofit sector. Before joining Foundant, Alyse spent three years with the Kern Community Foundation as they transitioned from limited paper-based scholarships to extensive online scholarship portfolio through Foundant. This exceptional experience allowed Alyse to work directly with students and school staff prior to application, build relationships with donors and community volunteers during selection and follow-up, and support awarded students throughout their college career; maintaining awareness of the entire path of success.

Profile Photo of Alyse Braaten