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Coffee Talk: A Goal, a Path, and a Mission - Communications Planning at Your Foundation

In this Donor Engagement Coffee Talk, hear how your peers approach communicating with their donors, grantees, and stakeholders. Whether you have a tried-and-true annual plan that has served you well or are looking get more strategic, hear about new strategies, ideas, and resources from your fellow community foundation communicators (whether it’s in your job title or not!).

Check out the list of conversation topics below:

  • Does your foundation use an annual communications plan?
  • Do you identify a key theme to focus on each year? If so, how do you identify what to talk about?
  • How do you stay aligned with your goals for the year? How do you keep the important prioritized above the urgent?
  • How do you engage program staff, finance, leadership, or other departments in your communications activities?
  • What tips or tricks do you have for smaller sized foundations who may not have a dedicated communications person?

We encourage you to continue the conversation from this session on Compass - A Foundant Community.

About the Author

Lisa comes to Foundant with a background in the community foundation, nonprofit, and historic preservation fields. Her work has focused on communications, marketing, and branding. She believes in the power of compelling storytelling to inspire action. Lisa served as communications officer for the Community Foundation of Lorain County, located to the west of Cleveland, Ohio. While there, the foundation transitioned to CommunitySuite opening up new, integrated tools to connect donor passion with impact and communicate with them effectively.

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