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Find Funding Now: How GrantHub Pro's New and Biggest Release Helps You Succeed

We understand there’s a lot at stake in nonprofit grant management. That’s why we are so thrilled to announce the arrival of our biggest update to GrantHub Pro yet.  

GrantHub Pro users can now leverage a database of over 28 million grants to maximize their funding research using Funder Search, thanks to an exciting new partnership with Candid

This release also focuses on centralizing post-award management with grant opportunity budgets, UI enhancements, task management, and more. 

Check out our brief video highlighting the new features.  

Check out the newest features from the Spring 2024 release available in GrantHub Pro:  

  • Funder Search, powered by Candid: Leverage the database of over 28 million grants to gain deeper insights into grant opportunities. Use these valuable insights to determine which opportunities to pursue and maximize your organization’s funding success by prioritizing right-fit funders.  

  • Grant Opportunity Budgets to Actual: Create and manage budgets for each grant opportunity, eliminating risks associated with overspending and underutilizing award funds.  

  • UI Enhancements: With these latest enhancements, we continue our commitment to providing users with an efficient and seamless experience. Plus, there will be lots more improvements later this year! 

  • Task Management Refresh: Improved workflow and updated UI/UX in tasks make understanding the next steps easier.  

Funder Search, powered by Candid 

The Funder Search feature, powered by Candid, allows nonprofit grantseekers to search for potential funders who meet specific search criteria. Users can input a phrase describing their work and refine their search using advanced filters. Results pages include information on Grantmakers, Grants, and Recipients, along with grant details such as “Amount Funded,” indicating how much a grantmaker has funded based on the search criteria. Once your organization has determined the right-fit opportunities, effortlessly add funders with just a click and engage in detailed grant research complete with actionable items for your team.  

When you perform a search, click into a funder in the search results, or explore a recipient, a call will be made to retrieve the most up-to-date information if it is not already included in the cached results. If the exact search criteria is already included in the cached results, no call will be made. Each site is allocated 4000 calls within the contract year. After reaching this limit, calls will refresh back to 4000 one year after site creation. Additional calls can be purchased. Contact our Support Team to replenish before your renewal.  

Benefits: Funder Search provides up-to-date, comprehensive information to a vast database of grant opportunities, streamlining your pre-award management processes and maximizing your funding potential.  

Grant Opportunity Budget to Actual 

Create and manage budgets for each grant opportunity to comprehensively summarize your organization’s funding and program success. 

Comparing your Budget to Actual provides a clear overview of spending against the proposed Grant Budget, helps identify differences, and allows for informed decision-making. This ensures financial accountability and allows nonprofits to effortlessly share these budgets with funders to strengthen relationships and showcase their organization’s professionalism.  


Benefit: Gain a clear, centralized understanding of your grant financials to enable real-time visibility and reduce risk across your awards. 

Task Management Refresh

By creating a better workflow and an updated UX experience in tasks, nonprofit staff will know exactly what the next steps are and be able to review any related data, leading to greater efficiency and time conservation.  

Users can choose between three different task views: detailed, calendar, or list.  

Quickly locate the task you are looking for by filtering your view. You can search for any specific task by narrowing down and filtering for items such as the date range, assignee, status, opportunity, and more.  

Benefits: This improved workflow ensures an organized tracking of critical grant tasks and deadlines, reducing potential errors and missed steps in the process. 

Be sure to register now and join us for our upcoming GrantHub Pro Demonstration Webinar on Wednesday, May 15, to preview the new features in action and learn about key benefits that could positively impact your organization. 

Interested to see if GrantHub Pro is the right fit for your organization? Request a demo with our team today or contact Nonprofit Sales to learn more.

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