Question Branching

Allows you to control the capture of information dependent on applicant responses to prior questions. For example: “Do you have a fiscal sponsor?” If YES is entered in the form, additional questions will populate. If NO is entered, then there are no further questions. Are there questions on your forms that certain applicants should see based on their type of giving, geographic area, amount they’re requesting, program are, etc.? With Question Branching, you can build your forms to capture information based on your applicants’ responses to other questions. For example, you may ask your applicants if they have a fiscal sponsor. For those who answer Yes, you want another group of questions to appear with all the details about their fiscal sponsor. If they answer No, there should be no additional questions and the applicants can proceed to the rest of the application.

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Foundant would like to thank Kaitlin Kitzrow, of the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation, for sharing her experience with the Question Branching feature.

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