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Trust and Transparency Through an Agile Mindset

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

Today’s world requires us to be responsive to changing needs - shifting from an original plan to plan B, C, and sometimes even D. At Foundant, we’ve worked to implement Agile Methodologies in our software development over the past year. Through this process, we’ve come to learn that “Agile” is not just for developers, but helps people and processes align, scale, and reach goals with a clear purpose and outcome.

Various agile frameworks can be used to pivot processes and align stakeholders across all functions. Finding the right framework for you means adopting a common language and fine-tuning your processes to create transparency, predictability, and trust.

This webinar shares Foundant Technologies’ experience adopting Agile Methodologies, what we’ve learned, and why we feel “going agile” is a good fit for your grantmaking and scholarship management processes.

We discuss:

  • What does agile look like at an organization or a process level?
  • Why do agile methodologies lend themselves to philanthropy so well?
  • What does an agile funding process look like?
  • How can you leverage what Foundant has learned to implement agile methodologies at your organization?

About the Author

Mark Larimer is a co-founder of Foundant Technologies and a current board member. His past careers with Extended Systems and RightNow Technologies gave him the experience to understand technology. His compassion allows him to see how technology can be used to make people's lives easier and the philanthropic sector better and more efficient. During the winter months, Mark can usually be found on the ski mountain when he's not in the office making jokes and finding ways to help our philanthropic clients. Mark is highly involved with the Discovery Ski Education Foundation as a board member, former president, and youth coach. He is also actively involved in Youth Philanthropy Connect and was a driving force behind the Youth Giving Project in Bozeman, Montana.

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