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COVID-19 Recovery Initiatives in Donor Management

During this Donor Engagement Coffee Talk we cover COVID-19 recovery initiatives looking at the rest of 2020. We identify strategies that are working well in our current climate, and ways in which people are learning and improving.

Some questions we cover:

  • Has your Donor Engagement strategy changed from month 1 to month 4? What’s working, what isn’t?
  • What do you deem as your organizations greatest achievement in the current climate? What do you wish you knew before going into this time?
  • How are people managing their relationship with their boards? Are their questions/concerns different? What’s your approach?
  • Sector by Sector Impact – are you seeing donors more/less interested in different areas? Are they still funding their favorite pet projects or shifted focus to human services?
  • What does next step in COVID-19 response look like?

This forum brings professionals from across the sector together to share experiences and best practices.

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