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The access we have to the Foundant team is awesome. I've never encountered a company where you have access to anyone and everyone, and you feel like you know them. It’s really fun. I'll give an example: Just last week in our SLM site we, for the first time, had an application out of Canada. I needed to fine tune and tweak a few pieces of our application so instead of city, state, and zip code it read city, province, and postal code. 

I got online to the customer service help desk and did it through chat. Not only did she help me update those, but she also mentioned we were going to need to do this little clearance so that the Canada applicant could actually login. I had no idea what that was, but she reassured me I didn’t need to know it exists just know that it got fixed. The fact that she went above and beyond for me, with something I would have never thought of otherwise, was super cool. The issue was resolved in less than 15 minutes and I was able to respond to the applicant in Canada and let them know they were good to go. In less than 30 minutes from the time the Canadian applicant called me, to me contacting Foundant, the issue was fixed, and the applicant was able to put in an application. I am so grateful for Foundant, it makes my job easy


Well, first and foremost, if price is what you're looking at, this is hands down the most competitive pricing. You're getting way more than what you're actually paying for. I feel like we get so much value. Foundant over-delivers and under-promises. I spent almost a full year looking at different application management platforms, I talked to other organizations and asked why they were using their system, what do they like, what do they not like. People are using Blackbaud and not a single one of them had anything positive to say about it. The cost of Blackbaud was at least double what Foundant is. The people I was talking to about Foundant had nothing negative to say so, hands down, it was very easy for us when we contacted Foundant and asked to do a demo and learn more  about pricing. From the time we initiated the conversation with Foundant to the time we got approved by our Board of Directors, it was less than 30 days.

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Engaging with students, their parents, review committees, school counselors, and internal team members takes time. But without your diligence, how can the right students receive the scholarship funding they have worked so hard to earn? Learn how Foundant scholarship clients have leveraged the right solutions to expand beyond individual students to make real, lasting socioeconomic changes for whole families.

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