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Armstrong County Community Foundation

"CommunitySuite has helped our organization tremendously."

Pain Points

Our financials were managed by an outside accountant, which cost us a lot of money each month because it took a lot of time due to complicated calculations. We used QuickBooks as our financial software, DonorPro to manage our donations, and we didn't have anything that helped us manage our events. Trying to run reports in DonorPro wasn't easy and it was a challenge every year to put together mailing lists and invitation lists for events. 


We spend far less time on financials each month, it is now something we know how to do so we don't have to hire an outside person, and since we run it all ourselves, we know exactly what's going on financially every day. 

The events have helped us track our RSVPs and income and expenses for specific events, which has been very useful- as we didn't have anything like that before CommunitySuite. We recently started using the grant catalog which has helped us eliminate paper grant requests. 

About the Author

Community and faith-based foundations bring together resources from individuals, families, and organizations to improve the lives of all. Investing in the right systems for your organization means ROI beyond dollar signs. Learn how organizations like yours have adopted our integrated fund-accounting and CRM system to effectively manage operations and freed up the capacity to break down silos, grow programs, build teams, and impact constituents.

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