Education Webinars for Community Foundations

Watch our recorded education webinars for community foundations.

  • The Funder’s Role in Collecting, Tracking, and Using Data1:06:15

    The Funder’s Role in Collecting, Tracking, and Using Data

    This on-demand webinar focuses on the funder’s role in collecting, tracking, and using data from the real-world perspective of three Foundant clients in a funder role.

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  • Entry Points to Philanthropy59:29

    Entry Points to Philanthropy

    Engagement in philanthropy contributes to 22-40 developmental assets®. How are you engaging the next generations? Learn about these benefits and different entry points and models for engagement.

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  • Engage Your Community Foundation in Youth Philanthropy1:01:00

    Engage Your Community Foundation in Youth Philanthropy

    Is your foundation actively involved in youth philanthropy? If not, you're missing out on an important aspect of donor stewardship and community development.

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  • Data Security, Foundant, and You1:01:43

    Data Security, Foundant, and You

    During this on-demand webinar, you'll learn some common security frameworks, how to assess your needs as an organization, and how to create action items you can take away and implement immediately.

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  • The Lifecycle of Disaster Philanthropy1:18:33

    The Lifecycle of Disaster Philanthropy

    Community foundations are often looked to in times of crisis. Before you’re faced with the unknown, it’s important to consider the role you wish to play, and understand your actions will be long term.

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