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Getting Back to Philanthropy: Identifying, Prioritizing, and Embracing Change to Move Forward

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

You face daily choices amidst the constant changes in philanthropy. How do you decide which change to embrace and which to dismiss as a fad? Which changes—whether systems or processes—will create space for the essential, impactful work supporting your mission?

Watch this on-demand webinar for a dynamic conversation with several of your peers in philanthropy about organizational change management. We tackle questions like:

  • How do we decide which organizational changes are needed and prioritize these changes to align with our missions?
  • How can systems, processes, and people unite to support relationship building as a fundamental need in our sector?
  • How can tech positively enhance relationships?
  • How can we effectively filter through all the trends driving change in philanthropy to focus on the right elements for our work?
  • How can tech be used to give more voices a seat at the table?
  • How can we make decisions with a lens of inclusivity and adaptability to support our nonprofit partners?


Amy Studwell | Senior Community Impact Officer, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Kelly Casey | Senior Learning and Evaluation Officer, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Juana Baribeau | Grants Process Analyst, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Kirk C. Demyan | Vice President & CFO, The Foundation for Enhancing Communities

About the Author

Brad joined the Foundant team after years at the Council on Foundations as the Lead Strategist for Community Philanthropy, with a keen focus on Community Foundations. Brad is also a former community foundation CEO who led the merger of two community foundations in Indiana and has firsthand experienced with the complexity of big change at a community foundation. With over 2,500 volunteer service hours across Europe, United States, and South America, Brad cares deeply about place, the connections and commitment of the people within their communities, and how important place and belonging matters. Brad resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife, two children and rescue dog, and is eager to support community foundations with innovative technological solutions to advance the field.

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