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Building Resilience via Connected Data

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

Would you like to leverage connected, shared data to make the entire grant process easier, more effective, and more streamlined? What if grantees in your community could share their financial and organizational data just once in one application that could be used by all funders in your community?

When the staff at the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine began their transition to Foundant software in 2020, they recognized an opportunity to take advantage of the fresh start and layer in an initiative that would shift the landscape of grantmaking in their community. Driven by a goal of streamlining their application process to be more considerate of nonprofits’ time, they formed a unique partnership with area funders and created a Financial Standard Review flowchart containing questions and documentation they could all agree upon.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll hear how the folks at Greater Muscatine successfully created their Funder Network. You’ll learn:

  • Where the inspiration for this work came from and how the idea took shape.
  • How this process aims to streamline the granting process, make it less restrictive, and create efficiencies for local nonprofits and funders.
  • How they were able to create a single application inclusive of all organizations, regardless of their size.
  • What lessons they’ve learned and what advice they have for you and your organization.


Jamie Leza | Community Relations Manager, Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine
Jamie Leza serves as CFGM’s Community Relations Manager, primarily overseeing fund stewardship and development. Prior to joining the CFGM team, Jamie worked in banking. She lives in Muscatine, Iowa with her husband Jorge, and three teenage sons, Isaiah, Elijah, and Noah.

Lynsey Krusie | Program Manager, Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine
Lynsey Krusie serves as CFGM’s Program Manager, primarily overseeing their grant and scholarship programs. Prior to joining the CFGM team, Lynsey worked in development for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation, focusing on corporate partnerships and peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives. Lynsey graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Sports Marketing, and worked in athletics at Iowa State University before transitioning to the nonprofit sector. She lives in Muscatine, Iowa with her husband and rescue dog, Tucker.


About the Author

Jennifer Allain, Product Marketing Manager at Foundant, focuses on the unique needs of community foundations throughout the philanthropic sector. Through this focus, Jennifer seeks to help maximize the impact of philanthropy by supporting community foundations in their work as conveners and community catalysts. Jennifer has been actively involved in philanthropy for a long time. In her prior role as the Marketing Director of a community bank, she led the creation and management of the bank’s corporate foundation. She has also served as a working member on several nonprofit Boards of Directors and as a volunteer for many organizations. In her free time, she enjoys time outside with her husband, horse, and dogs.

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