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360-degree Connection: Experiences from Participatory Grantmaking

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

At its core, participatory grantmaking shifts decision-making power about funding to the very communities impacted by the decisions. Do you want to learn what this looks like in practice?

Red Deer & District Community Foundation used a special funding opportunity to try this approach, creating a stakeholder-led forum for nonprofits to determine how to achieve the greatest impact for their community. Watch this on-demand to hear what community foundation leadership, board representatives, and participating nonprofits learned from the experience.

Our special guest speakers from the community foundation and one of the grassroots organizations involved in the initiative talked about:

  • How to promote participatory opportunities in your community
  • Who might be at the table and what they’ll experience
  • Challenges, successes, and lessons learned in participatory grantmaking
  • Plans for the future of Red Deer & District’s program


Erin Peden | Executive Director, Red Deer Community Foundation

Dieulita Datus | Applicant, Ubuntu – Mobilizing Central Alberta

Krista Nymark VandenBrink | Vice-Chair on Board of Directors, Red Deer Community Foundation

About the Author

Jennifer Allain, Product Marketing Manager at Foundant, focuses on the unique needs of community foundations throughout the philanthropic sector. Through this focus, Jennifer seeks to help maximize the impact of philanthropy by supporting community foundations in their work as conveners and community catalysts. Jennifer has been actively involved in philanthropy for a long time. In her prior role as the Marketing Director of a community bank, she led the creation and management of the bank’s corporate foundation. She has also served as a working member on several nonprofit Boards of Directors and as a volunteer for many organizations. In her free time, she enjoys time outside with her husband, horse, and dogs.

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