Standard +2 & Advanced Features

  • Advanced Question Branching5:07

    Advanced Question Branching

    The Advanced Question Branching feature allows you to share branched questions between forms making the application process much easier for your applicants. Learn more about this feature available in

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  • Discover the right tool for you0:42

    Discover the right tool for you

    Please enjoy a comical spin on how Foundant's Standard +2 can help you and your grantmaking efforts!

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  • Custom Columns4:01

    Custom Columns

    The Custom Columns feature allows users to create unique custom columns on their workload pages.

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  • Grants Manager Assignment2:53

    Grants Manager Assignment

    The Grants Manager Assignment feature allows administrators to assign or unassign users with the Grants Manager role to a Process and/or specific Request.

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  • Custom Grant Manager Permissions1:54

    Custom Grant Manager Permissions

    Custom Grant Manager Permissions allows administrators to edit the permissions of each Grant Manager in the system.

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  • My Organization Chart Hierarchy2:03

    My Organization Chart Hierarchy

    Increase communication within your team and gain better visibility on what is being worked on with My Organizational Chart Hierarchy feature. This feature is particularly helpful for program officers.

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  • Get The Right Fit0:34

    Get The Right Fit

    Are you using the right tool for the job? Find a solution with Foundant that fits your unique needs so you don't pay for what you don't need.

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  • Question Branching1:38

    Question Branching

    Question Branching allows you to control the capture of information dependent on applicant responses to prior questions.

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  • Increased Megabytes0:59

    Increased Megabytes

    Increased Megabytes allows up to 100MB attachments per GLM form.

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  • Eligibility Quiz2:40

    Eligibility Quiz

    Eligibility Quiz allows you, as a funder, to add a form in front of your processes, qualifying applicants based on their responses.

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  • Internal Follow Ups3:33

    Internal Follow Ups

    Internal Follow Ups allow follow ups to be assigned to internal users post grant award to help track items such as grant close out, site visits, activity reports, and evaluation of outcomes reported.

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  • RegEx2:07


    Restrict the format of responses received from applicants.

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  • Third Party5:27

    Third Party

    Third Party allows applicants to request third-party contributors to provide letters of recommendation, transcripts, electric signature, or other required information.

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  • Grants Manager Process Assignment1:31

    Grants Manager Process Assignment

    Administrators can restrict or allow visibility of specific process(es) for Grant Managers.

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  • Copy Application8:57

    Copy Application

    Foundant GLM’s Copy Application tool makes it as easy as the click of a mouse for applicants to reuse already completed applications to submit multiple requests simultaneously.

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