SLM Product Details

Product details and videos about Foundant's Scholarship Lifecycle Manager.

  • Third Party Recommendations3:17

    Third Party Recommendations

    Allowing applicants to request third party information from letters of recommendations to transcripts. The information is automatically attached to the correct application for Administrative and Commi

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  • Scholarship Match Criteria3:25

    Scholarship Match Criteria

    Foundant's Match Criteria will help students quickly find the scholarships they qualify for, and also help you as administrators get more applicants for scholarships with very specific requirements.

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  • Foundant Mini Brochure

    Foundant Mini Brochure

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  • Foundant: COVID-19 Funding Data

    Foundant: COVID-19 Funding Data

    Foundant has released a new System Question to track funding related to COVID-19. The field in GLM, SLM, & CommunitySuite will allow us to identify and normalize the data in the future.

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  • SLM Product Overview

    SLM Product Overview

    Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM) comes from 10 years of development based on hundreds of client suggestions, allowing you to be certain the right applicants receive the help they have earned.

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  • Online Grant Agreements & Follow Ups1:37

    Online Grant Agreements & Follow Ups

    GLM saves you time, and saves your grantees from themselves, by sending automatic email reminders as due dates for grant paperwork and grant reports approach. Simply set up what you want the messages

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  • Client Success The Foundant Way1:00

    Client Success The Foundant Way

    Here at Foundant, our success is based on making your life easier.

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  • Record Your Recipe: A Lesson in Workflow

    Record Your Recipe: A Lesson in Workflow

    Just like copying a recipe, documenting your workflow provides a record of each of the steps required to accomplish a task or deliver a product or program.

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  • SLM Overview6:52

    SLM Overview

    Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM) is a reliable and easy to use solution for streamlining your scholarship process for applicants, reviewers and administrators.

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  • Foundant Company Overview

    Foundant Company Overview

    Foundant Technologies has specialized exclusively in making philanthropy easier and more impactful through technology solutions.

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  • Impact & Outcome Measurement3:52

    Impact & Outcome Measurement

    What matters most to your organization? How do you measure whether your funding has the impact you hope it will? No two funders are exactly alike, so a one-size-fits-all method of collecting and measu

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  • Universal Application2:34

    Universal Application

    The Universal Application feature is designed to enable student success by helping them find and apply for qualified scholarships. Create common, subset, and unique pieces of your workflow to streamli

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  • Online Reviews1:28

    Online Reviews

    While not every board member or review committee member will want to move online, the ones that are willing will thank you for freeing them from the constraints of paper board books. Now they can revi

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  • Reporting & Analytics3:06

    Reporting & Analytics

    Imagine collecting all data associated with your giving programs in a single location. Now imagine being able to report on the data easily, within that same system. GLM makes this a reality. Any data

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  • Eligibility Quiz2:40

    Eligibility Quiz

    Eligibility Quiz allows you, as a funder, to add a form in front of your processes, qualifying applicants based on their responses.

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  • Online Applications3:04

    Online Applications

    Accepting online applications saves your applicants and your staff resources and time. And, with GLM, you can easily make changes or spin up new applications quickly yourself, without calling us for a

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