CommunitySuite Implementation: A Project Management Adventure

There is something rewarding about creating and completing projects. This especially holds true when it comes to making sure our clients’ implementation and onboarding runs smoothly and on-time. I am the project manager for our CommunitySuite team and take special pleasure in seeing our community foundation clients come on board with all the tools to succeed with our software. So, what does this partnership look like? Let me show you!

First things first 

Once your kick-off meeting is scheduled, we want to make sure that it lives up to everyone’s expectations. This meeting starts with introductions. We want you to meet your Foundant team, not only your core team who will work with you leading up to your launch, but also our support staff who are dedicated to quickly and effectively assisting you after you have begun using our solution. 
During this 30-minute call, we also like to get to know your team and each person’s role at your foundation. This ensures the successful integration of all internal and external team members. We’ll also review the scope of work, whether you purchased our complete CommunitySuite solution, CommunitySuite Lite, or our Grants and/or Scholarships solution as well. 

Often, there are many different schedules to adhere to, including training on each of our platforms by multiple stakeholders. If not planned properly, implementing, troubleshooting, and training for a new software system can be an arduous process. That’s why your Implementation Plan is customized based on your foundation’s needs, ensuring clear communication and goals are set from the very beginning.  

What’s in your “Implementation Plan”?  

At its core, your implementation plan defines our approach and the process our team will use to make sure your expectations are met. Your project manager will create and regularly update your detailed project implementation plan to ensure that everyone has a clear view of Deployment Stages, including training topics and next steps. Here is an example implementation plan:  

CommunitySuite Implementation Plan

Learning Lab - The start of your training

The Learning Lab is our online, on-demand training tool, which takes our clients step-by-step through how to setup and use our software. After your kick-off meeting, we will ask for a complete list of employees from your foundation who need to be trained on CommunitySuite. Your Client Success Manager (CSM) will then provide access to each foundation team member through a username and URL link to register. Learning Lab allows you and your team to learn at your own pace. Your CSM will provide guidance on certain subjects to review and exercises to complete as part of your training.

CommunitySuite Platform Training 

After completing Goals 1-4 in the Learning Lab, your CSM will begin personalized training on your demo site. This is typically scheduled in 2-hour intervals for a total of 6 training calls. Your CSM will thoroughly walk you through each feature and function of CommunitySuite. In addition to the training calls, you’ll have plenty of time for functional practice within your demo site so you feel very comfortable with your new software.  

It’s not over…   

Even after your formal training is complete and you and your foundation have officially launched and are using your new software, our team is here to assist. Your Account Manager will check in on your progress and will be your resource along the way. Our Support Team is also here to help answer quick questions or help you troubleshoot.   

Foundant’s training, both online and live, provides a solid foundation because you will come away with more than feature and function knowledge. You’ll gain an understanding of how the entire CommunitySuite platform can make your organization better, so you can focus on making your community better.   

Over 160 Community Foundations love our software and support. We are excited to help! 


About the Author

Christina Ryan

In Christina’s role as Foundant’s Community Foundations Project Manager, she is responsible for supporting our CommunitySuite clients and team through the implementation process. Christina has more than 20 years of professional experience in account and client management with companies such as Johnson & Johnson and WebMD, with specific expertise in SaaS project management and client success. Christina is a California native. However, she has called Bozeman, Montana home for over five years and is enjoying the outdoor lifestyle Bozeman offers with her husband, daughter, and Bernese Mountain Dog “Howie.”

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