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Managing Scholarships in a New Normal

As we enter a new year, COVID continues to change how we serve students and donors. More students are seeking scholarship deferrals to take gap years or attend community colleges. There is also an increase in non-traditional scholarship applicants as many students return to complete college or decide to delay college. How we manage and communicate these changes to students and donors will be critical in delivering stable funding for students in the future. Listen to this Coffee Talk to hear how others are successfully navigating through these changes.


  • What is your current scholarship deferral policy? Has it changed in the past year?
  • How are you managing donor funding expectations as it relates to deferrals?
  • How do you handle scholarships for students taking gap years?
  • Are you seeing a decline in scholarship applications? How is this impacting funding?
  • Are you seeing an increase in scholarship applications for non-traditional students?

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