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Post-Award Communication… or Lack Of

Keeping open lines of communication with your awardees can be difficult - and the award is just the beginning! Once selected, students may need to formally accept the award, confirm their university, and provide proof of enrollment or transcripts prior to receiving funding. Though you hope students will provide what you’ve asked for in a timely manner, there is often more to it than that. If after your efforts, students are still lacking documentation, what happens next? We'll talk about what’s worked, what hasn’t, and learn from each other as we move forward into the coming award season.

Topics Covered:

  • What types of documentation are you asking students for and do you see any patterns in what is easy or what is hard for them to provide?
  • How do you manage your post-award communication with students?
  • If information does not make it to you in a reasonable amount of time and/or students fail to inform you of an important change (school, major, etc.) how do you move forward?

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