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Fund Development Planning Done Right: A Guided Workbook

Become a fund development planning expert and maximize your funding processes with these recommended steps and useful resources.

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While fund development planning requires a lot of time, energy, and resources, it is critical for organizational success as it outlays a road map for your funding endeavors. If you don’t have a clear outline of where your organization is heading and how you will get there, you will never know if you have arrived at your desired destination. 

This guided workbook outlines Kristin’s recommended steps and provides useful resources to help your organization build an effective fund development plan. Use these practical tools and short video clips to become a fund development planning expert and maximize your funding processes!

This workbook shares:

  • Why your organization needs a fund development plan, as well as who to involve.
  • 6 steps to developing your fund development plan.
  • Templates to get you started on outlining and building your plan.

About the Author

Kristin Raack, CFRE, GPC, is the Founder and Principal of AltruNext, a firm that helps nonprofits flourish. Over the past 20 years, she’s helped a diverse portfolio of nonprofits expand their impact. She guides clients to success through organizational assessments, strategic planning, and all aspects of fund development (e.g., annual funds, capital campaigns, grants, major gifts, etc.). Kristin brings broad experience from social service, education, healthcare, and the arts, with clients ranging from grassroots, volunteer-driven initiatives to multi-million dollar institutions. Her commitment to supporting the nonprofit sector is exemplified by her service on various nonprofit boards and frequent trainings for local and national nonprofit audiences.

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