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The Lifecycle of Disaster Philanthropy

For your convenience, you can download the handout materials here.

The webinar slides are also available for you here.

Community foundations are often looked to in times of crisis. Before you’re faced with the unknown, it’s important to consider the role you wish to play, who you choose to partner with, and understand that your actions will be long term, not just fulfilling immediate need.

Join us as we hear from a community foundation panel discussing their experiences responding in times of crisis. The panelists will cover everything from dealing with immediate need, the different types of disaster, and managing the long-term needs of disaster philanthropy.

Lynsie Laughlin – Grants Officer, The Dallas Foundation – will discuss responding to Hurricane Harvey in Dallas - working with corporations to provide assistance for areas impacted in Summer 2017 and how they were able to react by creating programs to support local concerns.

Mark Brewer – President/CEO, Central Florida Foundation – will discuss partnering with private donors and private foundations in response to not only natural disasters, but crises such as the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida.

Beth Stipe – Executive Director, Community Foundation of North Central Washington – will discuss their response to the fires in Central Washington, what their immediate response looked like, and the lasting impact and additional work involved with disaster philanthropy.

Disaster philanthropy doesn’t end when the dollars go out the door. Leverage the experience of our panel to understand how you can take the steps to make sure the people and organizations brought together in the face of disaster, continue working together for the long haul!

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