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Nonprofit Consultants: How to Transition From Hourly to Project-Based Pricing

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

Are you unsure where to start with pricing your nonprofit consulting services or billing clients for your work? Tired of managing your time with apps and spreadsheets for each client? Frustrated by billing in 15-minute increments or spending more time processing paperwork for billing purposes than providing value to those you serve? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this recording is for you!

Watch now to learn how to transition from hourly to project-based pricing. We also discuss how you can support your needs and your clients’ needs during this shift.

This on-demand session will help you:

  • Understand critical elements of creating your base rate as a consultant.
  • Learn the key components of establishing service fees.
  • Determine what services you may want to bill on an hourly basis.
  • Explore ways to create project-based pricing.
  • Discover options for presenting this to current and potential clients.

About the Author

A grant writing expert, executive and development coach, fundraising consultant, and national fundraising trainer, Mandy Pearce, launched Funding for Good, Inc. in 2009 to equip organizations with the skills and tools needed to become successful and sustainable. Mandy has taken her passion and expertise for fundraising to the development field and shared it with individuals and organizations for over 23 years through executive coaching, strategic and development planning, capital campaign planning, seminars, and specialized consulting programs. Mandy’s dynamic teaching style brings thousands of people annually to her presentations at conventions, trainings, and workshops, in person and online. Her business model is centered on her key values: honesty, efficiency, direct communication, and bringing dollars to local communities.

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