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Nonprofit Accounting and the Benefits of Active Preparation

Christian Spearow | Jitasa

Christian is the General Manager, Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, and has been with Jitasa since the summer of 2010. It was his first ‘real job’ and he’s never left. He currently works as the General Manager of Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, overseeing all accountants here at Jitasa. Previously, Christian was the Director of Client Services, supervising a team of accountants that work with our +70 Boy Scouts of America councils and another team dedicated to serving Unions.

In his spare time, Christian enjoys basking in the great outdoors, playing with his horses and dogs on his little piece of land, and indulging in his passion for the drums. He also serves as Treasurer for the Idaho Diaper Bank, which helps provide diapers to families in need at little to no cost.


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