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COVID-19 Concerns In Grantseeking (Session 1)

Listen to a panel of experienced grant consultants discuss:

  • The impact on existing grantseeking efforts
  • Tips & recommendations on how to respond and work with funders moving forward
  • Q&A from the live audience regarding their specific questions and concerns


Resources from the panelists, the audience, and more >>>

Q&A from the audience during the live session >>>

Chat log from the audience during the live session >>>



Amanda Day, GPC | Co-host, Fundraising HayDay Podcast
Amanda is a Grant Writing USA trainer and former municipal grants administrator turned consultant with 17 years’ experience. She’s the Fundraising HayDay Podcast co-host and Board Member of the Grant Professionals Association. Amanda is a total book nerd, grant geek, and music lover. Follow her and her podcast on Twitter: @wholewheatgirl & @fundinghayday. [Read More]

Kimberly Hays de Muga | Co-host, Fundraising HayDay Podcast
Kimberly is the co-host of the Fundraising HayDay podcast, successful grant writer, fundraiser, and national speaker and trainer. She has more than 22 years of fundraising and grantseeking experience focused on health and human service nonprofits, from hospitals to food banks to programs supporting children and adults with developmental disabilities. Her passion is coaching and training nonprofits and funders toward successful fundraising that better serves their communities. [Read More]

Jo Miller, GPC, SMS | Managing Director and Founder, SmartEGrants
Jo is the founder and Managing Director of SmartEGrants and the SmartE Learning Center, a professional development and training organization, and owner / principal of J Miller & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in grants, fund development, social media strategy, program design, team development, and online communications. Jo has more than 25-years experience in grants, fund development, social media strategy, program design, team development, and online communications working with nonprofits and government agencies. [Read More]

Johna Rodgers, GPC | Founder, Johna Rodgers Consulting, LLC
Johna has been there and done that. And almost every step of her divergent path included grants. For nearly 30 years, Johna has helped organizations of all types and sizes address their most critical needs—at the federal, state, corporate, and grassroots levels. In 2015, she opened Johna Rodgers Consulting, LLC, a full-service consulting agency. With more than $162 million in grant awards, she has the competitive experience needed to ensure proposals are fundable. [Read More]

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