Grantmaker Stories

Testimonials and case studies from grantmaker clients.

  • Investors Foundation1:06

    Investors Foundation

    Priti Mehta, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Grantmaking, appreciates how Foundant caters to the needs of a wide range of philanthropic organizations no matter how big or small they may be

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  • Escape To Montana Testimonial3:09

    Escape To Montana Testimonial

    Shelley Sweatt and Pat Myers share their experience escaping to Foundant headquarters in Bozeman, MT to work with the Foundant experts.

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  • Johnson Scholarship Foundation2:53

    Johnson Scholarship Foundation

    Lady Hereford, Program Specialist, and Sharon Wood, Office Manager/Program Officer, discuss why they choose Foundant as their partner in philanthropy. Grant Lifecycle Manager meets their organizationa

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  • San Angelo Health Foundation2:04

    San Angelo Health Foundation

    Deborah Watson, Vice President of Operations, remembers how clunky and frustrating GIFTS was for her organization. Switching to Foundant GLM has resulted in better reporting, more seamless updating, a

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  • WHH Foundation1:38

    WHH Foundation

    Xenia Emmanuel, Director of Operations and Programs, expresses the importance of empowering grantees and how Foundant has allowed WHH to streamline their process without compromising personal touch.

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  • People Helping People Help People Helping People3:59

    People Helping People Help People Helping People

    Client services interns at Foundant technologies are committed to helping people. The people they help are members of the philanthropic community (i.e. community foundations, grantmakers, grantseekers

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  • Procter and Gamble3:22

    Procter and Gamble

    Brian Sasson, Senior Manager for Corporate Contributions, talks about the value GLM has added to their organization. He highlights the top-notch training received, usability of the system, and efficie

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  • Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation

    Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation

    Decreased ‘paper pushing’ meant improved communication and increased capacity for relationship-building for Community Foundation of the Grant Rapids Area.

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  • Great Falls Public Schools Foundation

    Great Falls Public Schools Foundation

    Great Falls Public Schools Foundation created better board alignment and began expansion through online grants management.

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  • Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth

    Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth

    Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth found a versatile solution to help them reduce reviewer turnaround time from 3 days to 3 hours.

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  • Frieda C. Fox Foundation4:54

    Frieda C. Fox Foundation

    Alexis Marion, discusses moving to an online grants management system through Foundant, touching on her position specific uses and how the system has allowed for increased Board involvement.

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  • Bozeman Schools Foundation

    Bozeman Schools Foundation

    Bozeman Schools Foundation transformed an overwhelming process into an easy to manage, time efficient grant program – creating better focus for all stakeholders.

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  • Saint Luke's Foundation3:04

    Saint Luke's Foundation

    Kristen Summers, Grants Manager, describes how GLM has improved her role through saving time and providing consistent data storage and accurate reporting.

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  • Congregation of St. Joseph

    Congregation of St. Joseph

    The Congregation of St. Joseph found an easy to use the system and patient support staff to make their transition a positive experience.

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  • Arabella Advisors3:26

    Arabella Advisors

    Whitney Shufelt, Associate, discusses how the organization has been able to better serve clients through use of GLM, and how the central storage point allows for better tracking and communications.

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  • Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

    Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

    Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation found increased efficiency and a streamlined process through integrations.

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  • George and Fay Young Foundation

    George and Fay Young Foundation

    Streamlined workflows and access from anywhere were big time and frustration savers for the George & Fay Young Foundation.

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  • Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation

    Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation

    The Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation found a streamlined and intuitive solution to help them improve their grant process and clean up their data.

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