GLM/SLM Features: Internal Follow Ups & Unique Uses of GLM

Do you have other projects or workflows you manage outside of GLM? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it all in one system? Watch as we review alternative uses of GLM including:

  • Sponsorship requests
  • Employee volunteer hour submissions
  • Prize workflows
  • And more!

We also demonstrate ways to integrate one of our most popular features, Internal Follow Up Assignment. This feature will keep your staff on track with multiple tasks such as tracking site visits, activity reports, and evaluation of outcomes and results.


Anne Hossner, Client Success Manager [Read Bio]

About the Author

Meredith Morgan

Meredith joined the team at Foundant Technologies after nearly five years working in grants management with philanthropic advisers Dietel and Partners. She also has a background in non-profit performing arts. Meredith is passionate about helping clients find ways to improve their workflows. She lives in Portland, Maine.

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