GLM/SLM Features: Best Practices for Admin Workflows

Would you like to streamline your internal workflows in GLM/SLM? Are you looking for pointers around tracking and documenting them?

Watch as we cover:

  • Best practices and tips for utilizing forms.
  • Well-built email templates for applicants and internal procedures.
  • Documenting and capturing your workflows within the software.

This is a power hour of best practices and workflow examples.


Nicole Ziegler, Client Success Manager [Read Bio]

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Ben Luchsinger

Ben Luchsinger is a Client Success Manager at Foundant Technologies and loves helping clients become more efficient in their roles which in turn saves them time. Ben has a very compassionate style when working with clients. Outside of work Ben enjoys spending time with his 7 year old son, as well as any adrenaline based activities, but his particular favorite is mountain biking.

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