Foundant GLM/SLM Features: Installments & Internal Follow Up Assignment

Steps after a grant is awarded are rarely linear. In this on-demand webinar, we dive into the post-award portion of the grantmaking process and cover:

  • Multiple types of installment and payment workflows.
  • Using reports to help track credits, upcoming payments, and trends.
  • Our popular feature, Internal Follow Up Assignment, which will keep your staff on track with multiple tasks such as activity reports, site visits, and evaluation of outcomes and results.

This is hour of best practices, workflow examples, and Q&A with other users!


Anne Hossner, Client Success Manager [About Anne]

About the Author

Madi DeMartino

Madi DeMartino has been a member of Foundant since 2016, starting as a Client Service Intern where she became invested in learning about philanthropy and quickly mastered all of Foundant’s products in order to best serve clients. With her degree in Accounting from Montana State University, Madi is equipped with the fundamental education and extensive product knowledge to provide cross-product expertise. This continued dedication and product understanding allowed Madi to be a perfect fit to be a product owner. Now, Madi works closely with development teams to build and establish software that meets the needs of the clients. Madi is a Bozeman native and thoroughly enjoys the variety of outdoor activities it provides. In the summer months, she loves a refreshing day on the lake, and in the winters, she can be found making anything from pies to jewelry.

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