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Foundant GLM/SLM Features: Grant Manager Role

Do you have someone you work closely with who should have major access to your grants or scholarship site but not necessarily full access? Grant Manager Role is your answer!

Grant Managers can help with day-to-day functions – i.e. communicate with applicants, move requests through the workflow, assign evaluators, run reports…etc. – but they do not have access to modify the site’s configuration.

In this on-demand webinar, our expert trainers explore various use cases of the grant manager role in the Standard, Standard +2, and Advanced license offerings and learn how this feature, sometimes called a “mini-admin,” can make a big difference to your organization.


Jake Sharp, Client Success & Support Delivery Manager [Read Bio]

Transcript available upon request. email:

About the Author

Marius Dereskevicius began his career in the software industry as an entry-level intern at Foundant. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a go-to team member for complex projects. Marius realized that his client-centric personality traits made him a natural client service representative. This, reinforced by his clients’ excitement, helped him cultivate his passion for helping others in the philanthropic sector. After completing a bachelor's degree in business at Montana State University, Marius worked closely with leadership to develop the Client Success Associate role, which became an integral part of Client Services at Foundant. In 2019, he began supporting clients as a Client Success Manager in areas of training, best practices, strategic conversations, and much more. Serving clients with different funding objectives, he has developed expertise in small family foundations, faith-based foundations, United Way organizations, and various public agencies. Marius and his partner reside in Vancouver, Washington, exploring the outdoors in search of Sasquatch. Areas of expertise: data collection best practices, reporting, merge templates, and grant and scholarship best practices.

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