Foundant GLM/SLM Features: Eligibility Quiz

Do you ever have applicants apply to the incorrect process, not read instructions, and/or bypass important details? Eligibility Quiz can help improve communication and the applicant experience by having applicants complete an Eligibility Quiz prior to moving on to the next stage in the process (LOI or Application). Based on rules you build, they will only have access to the next stage if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Join us for an in-depth look at the applicant workflow as we:

  • Demonstrate how Eligibility Quiz works and how it can help the applicant and administrator workflows
  • Deep dive into how to use the Eligibility Quiz feature in a grants workflow
  • Review where you can add custom content to your GLM site for additional communication points

During this informational on-demand webinar our experts will show you how improving your applicants’ experience will simplify your workload as an administrator.


Elsie Thomson, Client Success Manager [Read Bio]

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Anne Hossner brings 15 years of experience to the Foundant team. She has a background in sales, business development, and fundraising. Outside of work, she likes to swim, hike, and loves to play with her children and dogs.

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