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Foundant GLM/SLM Features: Custom Columns and Collaborator

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

Custom Columns and Collaborator features are changing how foundations and applicants use their grants and/or scholarship sites. Custom Columns can help you find the information you need quickly and directly on your dashboard. For example:

  • Amount requested on LOI or Application workload pages.
  • Program/focus area on Application workload pages for easy visibility when assigning evaluators.
  • Amount awarded and the sum of that data on the Approval Draft and Approved pages.

Our Collaborator feature allows applicants to invite others to collaborate on their request - whether it be someone from the same organization, a fiscal sponsor, or a collaborating nonprofit. The applicant can decide whether each collaborator should be able to view, edit, or submit forms within the request. 

We've found this feature helpful in several common scenarios:

  • You'd like an applicant's Executive Director to directly sign off on their Application or Grant Agreement.
  • You encourage collaboration on requests among those involved with the project or program.
  • An applicant needs assistance from others within their organization on a specific question, i.e. budget or other financial information.

Watch our Foundant experts as they demonstrate how these features can make your job easier and your applicants more efficient.

Transcript available upon request. email: