GLM Feature Testimonials

  • Impact & Outcome Measurement2:18

    Impact & Outcome Measurement

    How do you measure whether your funding has the impact you hope it will? No two funders are exactly alike, so a one-size-fits-all method of collecting and measuring impact doesn’t make sense. That’s w

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  • Client Experiences: Reporting & Analytics2:50

    Client Experiences: Reporting & Analytics

    Imagine collecting all data associated with your giving programs in a single location. Now imagine being able to report on the data easily, within that same system. GLM makes this a reality. Any data

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  • Client Experiences: Online reviews1:02

    Client Experiences: Online reviews

    While not every board member or review committee member will want to move online, the ones that are willing will thank you for freeing them from the constraints of paper board books

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  • Client Experiences: Online Applications2:14

    Client Experiences: Online Applications

    Accepting online applications saves your applicants and your staff resources and time. And, with GLM, you can easily make changes or spin up new applications quickly yourself, without calling us for a

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  • Client Experiences: Grant Agreements & Follow Up2:05

    Client Experiences: Grant Agreements & Follow Up

    GLM saves you time, and saves your grantees from themselves, by sending automatic email reminders as due dates for grant paperwork and grant reports approach. Simply set up what you want the messages

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