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Coffee Talk: COVID-19 Concerns in Grantmaking (Session 4)

Foundant has been closely tracking the global private philanthropic response to COVID-19 through news stories, public resources, and conversations with our clients. Although the response to COVID-19 has taken on familiar patterns for funders and recipients, the response affects clients in different ways than we have seen in the past.

During this fourth session around COVID-19 Concerns for Grantmakers, we discuss:

  • What lessons can be learned from 2008 or other economic downturns?
  • How do you balance immediate community needs and long term organizational stability of grantees?
  • How do you support grantees when they can’t pay the bills and you can’t do enough?
    • Nonmonetary grants?
    • Partnership among funders?
    • Other supports?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear how your peers are tackling issues around COVID-19 in their grantmaking.

Transcript available upon request. email:

About the Author

Aaron Spevacek is a Product Implementation Engineer at Foundant Technologies. In this role he advises foundations and other grantmaking organizations on efficiency and best practices when using grants management software. Prior to working at Foundant, Aaron worked as an Analyst at Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. in Chicago. He’s also written grant proposals in prior roles with Heartland Alliance in Chicago and Volunteer Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia.

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