Coffee Talk: COVID-19 Concerns in Donor Management (Session 2)

Foundant has been closely tracking the global private philanthropic response to COVID-19 through news stories, public resources, and conversations with our clients. Although the response to COVID-19 has taken on familiar patterns for funders and recipients, the response affects clients in different ways than we have seen in the past.

During this second session of our Donor Management COVID Coffee Talk series, we discuss the following:

Fundraising—not as usual.

  • Donor Matches—how are you using these?
  • How are you communicating/leveraging your relationship with professional advisors? How are they communicating with their clients?
  • How in the world do you maintain a business sponsorship program during this time? What is appropriate?

Granting—not as usual.

  • How are people leveraging government grant to help their communities?
  • Many orgs are trying to move money out the door faster – how are you doing this responsibly?
  • Employee Hardship Funds—how do you determine what the urgent needs of the community are?

Technology is your best friend.

  • What programs are people using to help with work?
  • Ways to project plan, find volunteer opportunities, send out social media concurrently, find funding opportunities?
  • How are you remaining connected with your staff and colleagues?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear how your peers are tackling issues around COVID-19 in their donor management.

About the Author

Margaret Owen Spiak

Margaret is Foundant's Manager of Client Services, Strategic Advancement. Before joining Foundant, she spent much of her career on the road as a Major Gifts Officer. Most recently she was the Director of Development for George Washington University’s (GWU) School of Business where she managed a team of four frontline Major Gift Officers, in addition to contributing to a recently closed $1B Campaign, Making History, through her portfolio of principal and major gift level donors. Before GWU, Margaret worked at Georgetown University on the Major Gifts Team and with Grassroot Soccer Inc. in Cape Town, South Africa working on their grant writing and fundraising efforts. Margaret has a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management from George Washington University and a B.A. in Religion from Middlebury College. She is actively involved with her alma matter serving as the D.C. Chair for the Alumni Interview Volunteer program for Seven Years before moving back to Montana and continuing her role as an alumni volunteer.

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