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Maximize Relationships to Win More Grants

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here and the handout materials here.

Find out how to take your grant seeking to a transformational level, using your organization’s relationships. The writing is important, absolutely. But so is engagement, and ever more so when we’re thinking big picture.

Take a look at the fundraising methods that are most successful in acquiring strategic donors. What can be learned from applying the same techniques to your grant seeking efforts? There are methods and best practices that you can leverage, and it starts with using your spheres of influence.

In this on-demand webinar, you will be given tools and guidelines to help you:

  • Apply the basic fundraising cycle to your strategic grant efforts
  • Creative ways to show impact to your funders
  • Deepen your funder relationships through impactful meetings, follow ups & site visits
  • Identify where you can increase your touch-points for more effect


Heather Stombaugh MBA, CFRE, GPC
Principal Consultant, just write solutions, LLC.

Heather works with nonprofits to raise money through small and large grants that create significant social returns for their communities. She writes every day (grants, articles, presentation copy, etc.), but she spends most of her time coaching nonprofit leaders to tell their stories in ways that compel grant makers and major donors to invest their programs.

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