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Building Equitable Resilience Through Trust-Based Philanthropy

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

Listening to, learning from, and trusting in your applicants and the nonprofits they support creates social innovation that is foundational to building trust and resilience in our communities. Initiatives like the #FixtheForm movement and the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project use a trust-based approach that is making dents in the walls that have been structured through an inequitable power dynamic, but they need ongoing support and more funders to jump in and do the work.

In this webinar, you'll hear from two Foundant clients representing these trust-based practices:

  • Mary Cruz, Former Program Manager for The Durfee Foundation, will share their team's commitment and work as part of the Steering Committee for the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project and how this work is changing their funding landscape.
  • Kim Slipy, Information Systems Administrator for the Initiative Foundation, will share the Foundation’s work to #FixTheForm within their grantmaking practices, and how it has improved the diversity of their applicant pool, the grantee experience, and the relationship between funders and grantees. 
  • Meredith Morgan, our expert facilitator and Foundant Client Success Manager, will also talk about how her past experience with Trust-Based Philanthropy has informed her work with clients today as she guides us through this exciting discussion.

You'll learn how these grantmakers got started, what their key results have been so far, and gain valuable insight, advice, and encouragement from your peers doing the work.

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Mary Cruz | Former Program Manager, Durfee Foundation
Mary is a Program Manager at the Durfee Foundation. Her experience growing up as the daughter of Indigenous Zapotec immigrants shapes her commitment to build power with impacted communities and advocate for immigrant justice and language access. She brings 5 years of experience working for immigrant rights in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Sacramento to her work in philanthropy. Prior to the Durfee Foundation, Mary worked with the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) where she supported CIPC’s government affairs, policy, and advocacy work in Sacramento. While at CIPC, Mary conducted research on economic justice for immigrants and refugees within workforce development and adult education policies. She has also focused on community-led engagement, addressing the intersections of social inequities with La Raza Centro Legal, serving immigrant and low-income communities in San Francisco. Mary bridges these experiences into her work in philanthropy to build collective equity. She is a 2019-2020 Hispanics in Philanthropy Líderes Fellow and serves on the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy Los Angeles Chapter Steering Committee. Mary earned a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Latin American Studies from the University of San Francisco.

Kim Slipy | Systems Administrator, Initiative Foundation
Kim began working at the Initiative Foundation in March 2017 as a Grants & Program Assistant where she was responsible for administering all of the grants for the Foundation and their Partner Funds, which had a combined volume of approximately 500 grants per year. In the fall of 2018, Kim was promoted to Information Systems Administrator. In this role, Kim manages acquisition, management, and training for all information systems and technology for the Foundation. Kim enjoys the privilege of being engaged with all staff and teams at the Foundation, while working with each to improve processes, efficiency, and, ultimately, deliverables.

Kim is known for being very organized, strategic, and analytical. One of her strengths is the ability to see the big picture and drill down to the small details equally well. With extensive experience in personnel management, training, process development, and continuous improvement, Kim also holds space for compassion and dedication to the people she lives and works with.

When she’s not making the world a better place through information system management, Kim enjoys being home with her family and pets. She loves playing in the garden and tending her flowers. Her happy place is enjoying a cold glass of iced tea on the deck with close friends and family. A self-proclaimed big animal lover, Kim enjoys any time with wildlife around her.

About the Author

Based in Portland, Maine, Meredith started her career in the nonprofit world, spending time in theatre stage management, customer service, legal aid support, and qualitative research. This work inspired her interest in the philanthropic sector, eventually connecting her to grants management at Dietel and Partners, where she developed her philanthropic knowledge during her five-year tenure. Meredith joined the team at Foundant Technologies as a Client Success Manager, training and consulting with funders, with an emphasis on arts and humanities funders and philanthropic providers. Meredith is passionate about helping clients find ways to improve their workflows and is a member of Foundant’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI) team. Areas of expertise: grant best practices, trust-based philanthropy, operationalizing values and equity in processes, philanthropy advisory services, and arts and humanities funders.

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