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Tips & Tricks for Working with Financial Aid

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

Watch this 30 minute on-demand webinar with Jennifer Marino, current Scholarship Specialist at The Pittsburgh Foundation and former Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Penn State, as she shares 5 Tips for Working with Financial Aid. The goal of these tips are to help you set expectations, reduce communication, and better understand award displacement.

5 tips you’ll learn during this short session:

  1. Automating acceptance forms
  2. Reducing student communication
  3. Encouraging student ownership
  4. Managing award displacement
  5. Handling students who decided to wait


Jennifer Marino | Scholarship Specialist, The Pittsburgh Foundation

Jennifer joined The Pittsburgh Foundation in 2016 and is their scholarship specialist. In her position, she administers the Foundation’s scholarship program, containing approximately 350 scholarships totaling $2.8 million in distributable income annually. This includes assurance of data integrity and accuracy within all the Foundation’s repositories of scholarship information. Additionally, Jennifer manages the recruitment, training and workflow for over 400 volunteer scholarship committee members. Central to all facets of her role, she is responsible for developing, cultivating and maintaining relationships with many different populations of stakeholders: donors, school officials, students and their families and serves as the ambassador of the Foundation’s scholarship program to the greater public. Prior to the Foundation she spent almost a decade at The Pennsylvania State University first as a campus bursar then as the assistant director for financial aid.

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