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You are not alone. Burnout is real, relevant, and recoverable.

For your convenience, you can download the presentation slides here, the additional webinar materials here, and the chat log from the live session here.

Workplace burnout isn’t just a “thing” to get over. It is real and recognized by the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases with real impacts on professionals everywhere.

But is it real in the grants profession? And is it as rampant as it seems?

Three burnout survivors -- Trish Bachman, GPC, Bethany Planton, GPC, and Johna Rodgers, GPC -- joined forces to research the prevalence of burnout in the grants field. In this empathy- and humor-riddled presentation, the trio will share their own twist-filled journeys through burnout along with their research and strategies on how to prevent it from happening to you.

Listeners will learn how to:

  • Define burnout in the workplace, as well as in the grants profession.
  • Identify the common symptoms of burnout in grant professionals.
  • Identify strategies to combat stress in the workplace.


Bethany Planton, GPC, SMS | Founder and CEO, bmpconsulting

Bethany got her start in the grant field as an AmeriCorps VISTA member in 2011 and went on to become the Founder and CEO of bmpconsulting. She also serves as the Communications Coordinator for the Kentucky Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association. She loves reading and talking about it in bmpconsulting's nonprofit book nook, traveling (anywhere and everywhere), and cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes. Follow her on Twitter @bethanymplanton.

Trish Bachman, GPC | Owner and Lead Consultant, The Write Stuff Delaware LLC
Trish’s grant journey began with a volunteer assignment with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and an online writing course. Since then, Trish has worked in every aspect of grant program management, design, implementation, and reporting. She received the Certified Grant Writer credential in 2014 and earned the Grant Professionals Certified credential in 2017. Today, she serves as president of the GPA Delmarva Chapter.

Johna Rodgers, GPC | Founder, Johna Rodgers Consulting, LLC

About the Author

Johna Rodgers, GPC, has been there and done that. And almost every step of her divergent path included grants. For nearly 30 years, Johna has helped organizations of all types and sizes address their most critical needs—at the federal, state, corporate, and grassroots levels. In 2015, she opened Johna Rodgers Consulting, LLC, a full-service consulting agency. With more than $162 million in grant awards, she has the competitive experience needed to ensure proposals are fundable; as importantly, she has learned to work efficiently with dozens of partners and their conflicting ideas, missions, and concerns. Johna is a Board Member of the Grant Professional Association (GPA), a member of the National Grant Management Association, a national trainer for Grant Writing USA/Grant Management USA, and a GPA Approved Trainer. She is also a former board member and exam administrator for the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI).

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