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Program Development Insights: Learning to juggle machetes and other necessary evils

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It's a random Tuesday, and a new grant opportunity has posted--one that fits your organization's mission perfectly. You hand it to your boss, hoping to begin the conversation about what the organization will "do" with the grant. The boss, in all seriousness, says, "What do you mean, 'what do I want to do?' I want you to write it." You follow up with silence. Or maybe you scramble to explain your role; you are not a program designer. You need information and content and... You head back to your desk, wondering how that could have gone better. And it could have!

There are ways to help your organization develop the actual "program" for the proposal. This practical, fast-paced session will help you carry your boss, co-workers, and clients successfully to and through the land of reliable program development.

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About the Author

Johna Rodgers, GPC, has been there and done that. And almost every step of her divergent path included grants. For nearly 30 years, Johna has helped organizations of all types and sizes address their most critical needs—at the federal, state, corporate, and grassroots levels. In 2015, she opened Johna Rodgers Consulting, LLC, a full-service consulting agency. With more than $162 million in grant awards, she has the competitive experience needed to ensure proposals are fundable; as importantly, she has learned to work efficiently with dozens of partners and their conflicting ideas, missions, and concerns. Johna is a Board Member of the Grant Professional Association (GPA), a member of the National Grant Management Association, a national trainer for Grant Writing USA/Grant Management USA, and a GPA Approved Trainer. She is also a former board member and exam administrator for the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI).

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