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Onboarding Strategies: How to Build an Active Board

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

Do 10% of your board members do 90% of the work? Is your board filled with “passionate” individuals who “are just not that effective?” Are you ready to fill empty board seats but want to make sure your new members have the tools they need to lead?

If you answered, YES, to any of those questions, this webinar is for you. Our experts explain why consistent onboarding processes are important, deconstruct the key components, and simplify the planning process.

In this session, you learn:

  • Key components of the onboarding process
  • Who in your organization should plan, lead, and follow-up onboarding efforts
  • How to work with current and incoming board members to establish onboarding goals
  • The importance of building positive relationships and unity during your onboarding process
  • How to customize Funding for Good’s onboarding checklist to meet your organizations’ needs and priorities.

Includes tips, tools, and templates to customize an onboarding process for your organization.


Mandy Pearce | Owner, Funding for Good

Marie Palacios | Lead Consultant, Funding for Good

About the Author

Marie Palacios, Lead Consultant for Funding for Good, is an expert facilitator, certified by The Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA, in evidence-based facilitation practices known as the ToP Method. She combines proven facilitation methods and her passion for community to facilitate dynamic and productive meetings. Marie enjoys facilitating community organizing, advocacy, consensus building, and action planning workshops for diverse organizations across the nation. Over the past two decades, Marie has worn every hat imaginable in the nonprofit world: volunteer, board member, program director, executive director, and development consultant. Her nonprofit specialties include strategic planning facilitation, program design, board development, grant writing, and messaging. Marie is bilingual and uses her Spanish skills to provide language access services for businesses and local government sectors, teach Spanish for Professional Courses, and coordinate missions in Latin America through her consulting company, MP Pro Consult. Marie is a native of Morganton, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband and three children.

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