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Nonprofit Q&A: How to Communicate for Good

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here.

In our recent sector education webinar, Communicate for Good: Raise Awareness, Revenue, and Impact One Word at a Time, renowned communication expert, speaker, author, coach, and University of Washington professor Erica Barnhart shared tangible tips and resources, including:

  • A simple, proven method to engage your key audiences
  • Which trends to hop on and which to ignore
  • How to communicate internally to increase impact externally

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this continued discussion with your nonprofit peers about how to better serve your mission by communicating in ways that are good for yourself, your team, and the world.

Also, see additional opportunities and resources we offered as part of our Impactful Communications content series!

About the Author

Erica Barnhart is a communication expert, speaker, author, and coach. She is founder and CEO of Claxon, a company focused on teaching companies and leaders how to use words to change workplaces and the world. Erica also serves as an associate teaching professor at the University of Washington. She now calls Seattle, Washington home, but a piece of her heart will always be in Vancouver, Canada, where she was born.

Profile Photo of Erica Barnhart