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Building Relationships One Thank You at a Time

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You can download the webinar slides here and access the session resources here.

Fundraising isn't about the money. It's about building relationships. Demonstrating a gratitude attitude is one of the best ways to strengthen trust and show your donors some love. The more they feel the love, the higher the retention.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • The importance of saying thank you to the donor-nonprofit relationship.
  • How thank you can become part of your storytelling efforts.
  • The numerous ways available for you to thank donors today and in the future.
  • Methods you can implement immediately to appreciate and recognize donors - even without in-person meetings!

Your thank yous don't have to be time consuming or expensive but they should put a smile on a donor's face.

About the Author

Ephraim is the founder of 1832 Communications, an agency which helps nonprofits build more relationships so they can raise more money, serve more people and have more impact in the community. Ephraim crafts strategies which help nonprofits successfully upgrade their online presence, boost their email fundraising and marketing and improve their marketing collateral. Ephraim is always happy to connect with nonprofit pros on Twitter: @EphraimGopin and on LinkedIn: @EphraimGopin. Use this link to read Ephraim's nonprofit newsletter - - and this link to dive in to his weekly podcast -

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