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Agile Philanthropy: An Organizational Mindset

For your convenience, you can download the webinar slides here

Agile Methodologies refers to a process used in software development to support thinking and processes for responsiveness. At Foundant, we’ve worked to implement Agile Methodologies in our software development over the past year. Through this process, we learned that “Agile” is not just for developers, but allows whole organizations to align, scale, and reach their goals with a clear purpose and outcome. By adopting a common language, fine-tuning processes, and creating transparency and predictability, trust forms across all stakeholders.

When we realized how beneficial this could be across all of our functional groups, we decided to take our Agile Methodologies at Foundant to the next level - the whole organization. Operations, Finance, Marketing, Sales - you name it, we're learning it. And we're sharing our story!

This webinar presentation features Chris Staib, Founder of Agile Slopes and our Agile Trainer, who shares how philanthropic organizations can use this methodology. You’ll also hear Foundant’s experience adopting Agile Methodologies, what we’ve learned, and why we feel “going agile” can help support philanthropic organizations of varying sizes and complexity.

Over the hour, we answer these questions:

  • Why do agile methods lend themselves so well to philanthropy?
  • What do philanthropic processes look like through an agile mindset?
  • How does agile create transparency, predictability, and trust?
  • How can you implement agile methodologies at your organization?

About the Author

Foundant Technologies

For more than a decade, Foundant Technologies has specialized exclusively in making philanthropy easier and more impactful through intuitive technology solutions. All of our cloud-based solutions focus on grantmaker, grantseeker, scholarship provider and community foundation needs with the goal to make day-to-day tasks streamlined and help maximize the impact of the philanthropic community.

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