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COVID-19: Grantseeker and Nonprofit Resources

Foundant has been closely tracking the philanthropic sector's response to COVID-19 through news stories, public resources, and conversations with our partners and clients. Although the response to COVID-19 has taken on some familiar patterns for funders and grantees, it also brings new scenarios and challenges for our grantee community.

Below are resources we've created along with those of our partners and other organizations providing information helpful to nonprofits during this crisis.

If you wish to share the resources or practices you have put into place, please email Foundant's Content Manager, Kristin Laird, at

Watch our COVID-19 Concerns in Grantseeking Webinars:

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Session 2

A full list of  resources for Grantseekers: Resources List

Our full list of resources can be found here: COVID-19 RESPONSE

Our full list of partner resources can be found here: COVID-19: Partner Resources

Grantseeker and Nonprofit Resources


      Funding for coronavirus (COVID-19).



      COVID-19 Related Funding Opportunities.

                               DH Leonard Consulting: Supporting Nonprofits AND Ourselves



      Nonprofits and Coronavirus, COVID-19.



  Information on COVID-19


      Corona Virus | What We're Doing To Help.


       Grantseeking During the COVID-19 Crisis.


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