Foundant's Response to COVID-19

Foundant is taking the steps necessary to help each of you help your communities. 
We recognize that through our customers, Foundant plays an important role in the global crisis.  Simply put, our clients serve society. Therefore, it is imperative we see our role in these circumstances with a corresponding level of influence, responsibility, and clarity.

We are reaching out to connect and share our commitment to you as you navigate a new reality: 

Connecting the data from the start

Foundant teams are quickly working to insert a unique Covid-19 tracking field into our solutions. These fields allow the consistent tracking of funding trends across the sector as you all respond. We will be strongly encouraging our clients to use this field. The shared aggregated data will show how much, where, and for what purpose funding is being distributed. With over 1750 grantmakers and 240 community foundations, our clients’ combined data can provide valuable insights to each other and local, state and federal government. We are using Candid’s Support Strategies taxonomy so the data can be aggregated into sector-wide data if other GMS providers follow our lead. The use of this field is voluntary and strictly opt-in. More information will be shared on this effort as it is available.

Coming together as a community

Coffee Talks: Over a year ago we started a program called Coffee Talks to be a vendor-agnostic spot for people who share similar roles to share advice, ask questions, and connect. We will be committing additional resources to this effort. With today’s challenges, the more you connect and share as a sector, the better. If you have ideas for future topics, reach out to Collin Moriarty at

Our upcoming Grants Coffee Talk is focused on COVID-19 Concerns in Grantmaking and will be held this Wednesday, March 18th, at 9am PT / 12pm ET. You can learn more or register here >>>

Client Community: Foundant plans to launch a client community this year. We have had many requests to provide a spot where people can connect and share how they use our different solutions. We will be putting this effort into overdrive and expanding its purpose to be a source of connection throughout this period. More information will be available as we get closer to launch.

Sharing and learning together

Foundant has consistently hosted educational webinars on philanthropic topics for a long time now. Our purpose with these has always been to discuss current topics, but with today's challenges, we will look to these as an opportunity to share and learn together. 

Our next webinar will be March 31st at 11am PT / 2pm MT and will feature how Foundant is coping as a newly virtual company. We plan to share how things are going, the technology we are using, the impact it is having on our team, what we are doing to keep the team connected, and any other learnings we have uncovered so far. You can learn more or register here >>>

Finally, we have been speaking to our partners like PEAK and Philanthropy Northwest about how we can work together to help convene people from the sector. This will be a continued focus for us.

Foundant changes where we work, but not how

To help prevent the spread of the virus and to protect our team, all team members will be working from home until the current crisis is over. Fortunately, we are prepared to do our work virtually. With many remote team members already on staff, we have invested in the technology and platforms to support this effort. We do ask for your patience as our formerly in-office team adjusts to their new working environment and their new work styles. 

Our goal is to provide the same level of availability, advice, and attention you have associated with Foundant. We recognize the role each of you plays in helping people adjust, cope, and recover from crises. Foundant remains committed to you through the coming challenges. Additional resources can be found on our COVID-19 Response page as they are created. 

Chris Dahl


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Chris Dahl

Chris Dahl is Foundant's President and co-founder. With a background in software development, Chris enjoys problem-solving. Today, he’s helping the Foundant team meet the challenges of scaling products, people, and processes while balancing the needs of our clients, our employees, and the philanthropic community. Chris loves tennis and tea, helping on his family's ranch, and most things outdoors. He can often be found sporting slippers or catching a quick cat nap at work, and is a 2016 graduate of Leadership Montana.

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