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  • [On-Demand Webinar] The Impact of CommunitySuite as a Financial Tool57:56

    [On-Demand Webinar] The Impact of CommunitySuite as a Financial Tool

    Whether you manage finances at a large or small organization, having the right tools can make a great impact across the whole team.

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  • Data Migration Client Feedback | FIMS to CommunitySuite3:11

    Data Migration Client Feedback | FIMS to CommunitySuite

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  • Pasadena Community Foundation2:26

    Pasadena Community Foundation

    Mariver Copeland, Chief Financial Officer, shares her reasons for switching from Pearl to CommunitySuite. She appreciates Foundant being reactive to client needs while also being proactive to sector c

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  • Bainbridge Community Foundation1:52

    Bainbridge Community Foundation

    Debbie Kuffel, Program & Finance Officer, shares how CommunitySuite has empowered her organization to provide quick and accurate answers for her staff and donors. She also discusses how the grant cata

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  • Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes, Inc1:28

    Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes, Inc

    John Sirianni, Financial Officer, talks about his annoyance with FIMS. He recounts the wasted time doing investment allocations, and how CommunitySuite has transformed this from a 6 hour task into a 1

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  • [On-Demand Webinar] Organizational Impact of CommunitySuite55:22

    [On-Demand Webinar] Organizational Impact of CommunitySuite

    Listen to Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough and Community Foundation Grey Bruce as they share how their investment in Foundant’s CommunitySuite solution has supported their organizations.

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  • Comox Valley Community Foundation2:12

    Comox Valley Community Foundation

    Jody Macdonald, Executive Director discusses the importance of data integrity and the role CommunitySuite has played in consolidating, and maintaining data.

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  • Hartford Foundation For Public Giving27:59

    Hartford Foundation For Public Giving

    Leah Wade, Josephine Morrison, and Andrew Halpryn speak with Foundant Co-Founder Daren Nardhagen to share their CommunitySuite experience. They address their successes, hopes, fears, & lessons learned

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  • East Tennessee Foundation25:30

    East Tennessee Foundation

    Jessica Renfro, Jeanette Kelleher, John Johnson, and Ashley Siferd speak with Foundant Co-Founder Daren Nardhagen to share their CommunitySuite experience.

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  • Oakville Community Foundation2:25

    Oakville Community Foundation

    Michelle Collins, emphasizes the excellence of Foundant customer service. She explains how Canadian-specific foundation needs have been heard and addressed by CommunitySuite software updates.

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  • Community Foundation Grey Bruce2:13

    Community Foundation Grey Bruce

    Stuart Reid, explains how CommunitySuite has helped CF Grey Bruce move away from using lengthy excel spreadsheets for collecting/tracking data.

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  • Fargo- Moorhead Area Foundation4:51

    Fargo- Moorhead Area Foundation

    Patty Mastel, shares her story of the transition from FIMS to CommunitySuite. Patty speaks on the exceptional support she has received through the whole process alongside learning a new system.

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  • Community Foundation of Macon County3:05

    Community Foundation of Macon County

    Missy Batman, Vice President of Finance and Operations discusses how their accounting and fund allocation is now in one system with navigation being as simple as a click of a button.

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  • Foundation Management Inc.5:09

    Foundation Management Inc.

    Randy Macon, discusses the smooth transition from FIMS to CommunitySuite. He shares key features that have lead to increased foundation efficiency alongside offering advice

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  • East Tennessee Foundation3:42

    East Tennessee Foundation

    Jeanette Kelleher, discusses the transition from FIMS to CommunitySuite. Jeanette speaks on how intuitive and rapidly evolving CommunitySuite is, allowing her team to be much more self-efficient.

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  • Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation4:18

    Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation

    Lexi Oestreich, Program Officer, discusses the outcomes of using Foundant systems and how they have "set the bar", increasing the efficiency of a small staff and strengthening foundation relationships

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  • Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama3:33

    Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama

    J. Mitchell Rogers, Director of Scholarships & Initiatives, explains pain points with past softwares, and how the switch to Foundant has eliminated arduous processes and wasted time.

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  • Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley3:04

    Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley

    Greg Probst, Director of Finance & Technology speaks on how CommunitySuite has improved donor relationships by allowing for efficiencies when accessing fund information.

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  • Orcas Island Community Foundation1:51

    Orcas Island Community Foundation

    Hilary Canty, Executive Director, discusses how the small foundation has benefited from use of CommunitySuite programs, increasing its capability in all levels of financial arrangements.

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  • Kitsap Community Foundation3:52

    Kitsap Community Foundation

    Shaine Shramling, Funds & Grants Administrator, discusses how CommunitySuite has streamlined processes for the foundation, allowing for competition with larger organizations for funding.

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