CommunitySuite Testimonials

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  • Hartford Foundation For Public Giving27:59

    Hartford Foundation For Public Giving

    Leah Wade, Josephine Morrison, and Andrew Halpryn speak with Foundant Co-Founder Daren Nardhagen to share their CommunitySuite experience. They address their successes, hopes, fears, and lessons learn

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  • Oakville Community Foundation2:25

    Oakville Community Foundation

    Michelle Collins, Digital & Office Solutions Analyst

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  • Fargo- Moorhead Area Foundation4:51

    Fargo- Moorhead Area Foundation

    Patty Mastel, Finance Director shares her story of what the transition from FIMS to CommunitySuite has been like. Patty speaks on the exceptional support she has received through the whole process as

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  • Community Foundation of Macon County3:05

    Community Foundation of Macon County

    Missy Batman, Vice President of Finance and Operations discusses how their accounting and fund allocation is now in one system with navigation being as simple as a click of a button.

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  • Foundation Management Inc.5:09

    Foundation Management Inc.

    Randy Macon, Chief Operations Officer shares his experience moving from FIMS to CommunitySuite.

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  • East Tennessee Foundation3:42

    East Tennessee Foundation

    Jeanette Kelleher, Vice President for Operations discusses their transition from FIMS to CommunitySuite. Jeanette speaks on how intuitive and rapidly evolving CommunitySuite is, allowing her team to b

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  • Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation4:18

    Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation

    Lexi Oestreich, Program Officer

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  • Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama3:33

    Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama

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  • Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley3:04

    Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley

    Greg Probst, Director of Finance & Technology speaks on how CommunitySuite has improved donor relationships by allowing for efficiencies when accessing fund information.

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  • Orcas Island Community Foundation1:51

    Orcas Island Community Foundation

    Hilary Canty, Executive Director

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  • Kitsap Community Foundation3:52

    Kitsap Community Foundation

    Shaine Shramling, Funds & Grants Administrator

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  • Community Foundation of Snohomish County2:52

    Community Foundation of Snohomish County

    Maddy Metzger-Utt, President and CEO & Lisa Maitland, Office Manager speak to their transition from FIMS to CommunitySuite. Lisa describes the incredible support and how it doesn't slow her workflow a

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  • Community Foundation of North Central Washington4:29

    Community Foundation of North Central Washington

    Beth Stipe, Executive Director & Jennifer Dolge, Director of Donor Services & Communications describe how CommunitySuite has transformed the way that their community gives back to nonprofits. Also, wi

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  • Community Foundation of North Central Washington4:47

    Community Foundation of North Central Washington

    Judy Cleveland, CFO describes the foundations need for better contact management and reporting capabilities driving their move from FIMS to CommunitySuite. She speaks to 20% of her time being saved by

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  • San Antonio Area Foundation0:44

    San Antonio Area Foundation

    Jason Mata, Mildred Morales, and Catherine Garcia speak on how user-friendly Grant Lifecycle Manager is for applicants and their foundation.

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