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Product descriptions and videos about Foundant's CommunitySuite software.

  • Foundant: COVID-19 Funding Data

    Foundant: COVID-19 Funding Data

    Foundant has released a new System Question to track funding related to COVID-19. The field in GLM, SLM, & CommunitySuite will allow us to identify and normalize the data in the future.

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  • Technology ROI for Community Foundations

    Technology ROI for Community Foundations

    Community foundations bring together resources to improve the lives of all. They work to solve community problems, support nonprofits, and help individuals learn to be impactful donors.

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  • Why Transition Now?

    Why Transition Now?

    See why transitioning to Foundant's CommunitySuite can be beneficial to you.

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  • Foundant Mini Brochure

    Foundant Mini Brochure

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  • CommunitySuite Overview9:30

    CommunitySuite Overview

    CommunitySuite is a complete software solution specifically designed to address the unique challenges and activities of community foundations.

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  • [On-Demand Webinar] CommunitySuite: Beyond Traditional CRM for Donor Management56:53

    [On-Demand Webinar] CommunitySuite: Beyond Traditional CRM for Donor Management

    Hear firsthand experience from Clayoquot Biosphere Trust to see how they use the many tools in CommunitySuite to engage with their donors, and all aspects of donor management, in one system.

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  • [On-Demand Webinar] The Impact of CommunitySuite as a Financial Tool57:56

    [On-Demand Webinar] The Impact of CommunitySuite as a Financial Tool

    Whether you manage finances at a large or small organization, having the right tools can make a great impact across the whole team.

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  • Donor and Community Portal

    Donor and Community Portal

    We understand the importance of your donor relationships. Foundant has created an environment that supports the entire donor experience. Check out our Donor and Community Portal.

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  • Community Foundation Client Demographics

    Community Foundation Client Demographics

    CommunitySuite is built for your community foundation. Ask our 217 community foundations, big and small, that we have successfully migrated to CSuite.

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  • [On-Demand Webinar] Organizational Impact of CommunitySuite55:22

    [On-Demand Webinar] Organizational Impact of CommunitySuite

    Listen to Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough and Community Foundation Grey Bruce as they share how their investment in Foundant’s CommunitySuite solution has supported their organizations.

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  • Universal Application2:34

    Universal Application

    The Universal Application feature is designed to enable student success by helping them find and apply for qualified scholarships. Create common, subset, and unique pieces of your workflow to streamli

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  • Integrate your Community Foundation Team

    Integrate your Community Foundation Team

    One back office solution designed to integrate your community foundation team, big or small...

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  • Proof of Concept Process

    Proof of Concept Process

    Foundant provides the option for a data assessment prior to signing any contracts, at no cost to you. Learn more.

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  • Client Success The Foundant Way1:00

    Client Success The Foundant Way

    Here at Foundant, our success is based on making your life easier.

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  • CommunitySuite Product Overview

    CommunitySuite Product Overview

    Designed from the ground up as a web-based Fund Accounting system dedicated to the unique needs of community foundations.

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  • Foundant Company Overview

    Foundant Company Overview

    Foundant Technologies has specialized exclusively in making philanthropy easier and more impactful through technology solutions.

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  • CommunitySuite Demonstration Webinar1:58:51

    CommunitySuite Demonstration Webinar

    Learn the basics of CommunitySuite guided by Foundant's very own Daren Nordhagen and Sammie Holzwarth.

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