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The Alaska Community Foundation

The Foundant team is different. I feel like I am part of the team, not really a “client.” Foundant team members are helpful, knowledgeable, and timely with my requests. Foundant’s CEO asked me during their Summit what suggestions I had to make the software better. The Development Team is always looking at new and innovative ways to improve GLM. They are all responsive and help support ACF with all of our competitive grantmaking and scholarships.

Pain Points

Our previous grant process was challenging to keep track of. The process of having to go back to find detailed information on past grants ate away at staff time. All the paper wasted staff time as well as made locating documents for our competitive grantmaking difficult.


Having everything related to our competitive grantmaking available in one system is key. We can access past grant reports, create applications, send out emails, set-up automatic emails, and upload media. It’s allowed our team to work more efficiently because any administrator can access grantmaking documents for each competitive program easily, even from home. Of all the other grantmaking software we have experienced, Foundant GLM is the most intuitive, most robust, and consistently improving software I have used.

About the Author

Grantmakers and funders have been able to build, cultivate, and encourage stronger relationships by eliminating tedious manual entry work. Learn how implementing the right grants management system (GMS) has allowed Foundant clients to move away from task-oriented work, utilize data to drive important decisions, and focus on the bigger picture to help drive impact.

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